In most circumstances, before you find yourself in court proceedings, the law will have required you to have participated in family dispute resolution. Family dispute resolution, or mediation, can take place through a number of community organisations, through an accredited mediator or through Legal Aid NSW (if you are eligible). Of course there are circumstances where mediation is not appropriate. We can discuss with you, the options available in your individual circumstances and the exceptions to having to participate in mediation at your appointment. 

Going to court

Sometimes parties are unable to reach agreement to resolve their matter and the court will be asked to make a determination about the arrangements for the children.

While it is preferable and less costly to try to reach a resolution without resorting to court proceedings, it is not always possible. As we are experienced in family law, we have the knowledge and understanding of each courts procedures and rules, and know how the rules and procedures will direct and impact upon the course that your proceedings will take. We have significant experience in advocacy and court representation and appear in the Family Court of Australia, the Federal Circuit Court and the Supreme Court of NSW along with the District and Local Courts. where you can have confidence that you will have an experienced and capable lawyer and advocate by your side.

Contact us to speak to an experienced family lawyer about your individual circumstances.