Most people do not properly understand Apprehended Violence Orders or how seriously such orders are considered by the Court.

Apprehended Violence Orders can be powerful tools in assisting the police and the courts in management of allegations of domestic violence and abuse. Interim Apprehended Violence Orders can be made on the basis allegation, so as to offer protection for the alleged victim and other members of their domestic household.

If you are concerned about the ongoing safety of you or your children you should contact the police. 

A person that is the subject of an Apprehended Violence Order can be arrested and charged by police for being in breach of a condition of the order and without the commission of an offence other than the breaching a condition of the order. Apprehended violence orders can be used in this way to set clear guidelines for alleged perpetrators and by doing so offer some protection for their victims. 

While many Apprehended Violence Orders are justified, some are not and can be defended accordingly. If you have been served with an Application for an Apprehended Violence Order, then you should seek the advice of an experienced lawyer. If the Court finds that the Application for an Apprehended Violence Orders is unwarranted then it will be dismissed at a court hearing.

We can also advise you how the making of an Apprehended Violence Order might impact on any parenting or property proceedings in family law. 


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